Maninder Singh RGD

Creative Director & Multidisciplinary Designer

"There is beauty everywhere and within everyone"

Artist. Photographer. Curator. Maninder Singh is a multidisciplinary designer based in Toronto. He uses the emblem “House of Singh” to showcase his line of work & collection at the intersection of “emapthy, design and business”. Receveing the honor of being a proud RGD, he believes that as an artist you can’t restrict your imagination & mediums to showcase your projects, ideas, products, etc. The same reflects in the mindful engagements of Maninder, when he is not designing - you will often find him experimenting with fashion or striking the chords of Dilruba. Maninder likes to call himself an Urban Nomad, who is on a journey, with a mission to not only capture that unique beauty in different experiences, but to celebrate it.

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