Purza is a pictorial collection of vintage cars with their mechanics (karigars) and owners because of whom we can still witness the rich automotive heritage representing the cultural diversity of different nations.

As an artist, I have always loved all things vintage, be it music, fashion, art, or cars. For some of us, the simplicity, aesthetics, and appeal of old things cannot be matched to the new establishments. Anything which takes us down the memory lane instantly makes us feel connected to an era that is gone by. It’s this feeling which makes us feel more connected, inspired, and motivated to dig deeper into masterpieces of all kinds.

The idea behind ‘Purza’ originated at 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally which took place at Karma Lakelands. While people were busy clicking pictures of the finest vintage cars, my thoughts were caught up around how this historical collection of automobiles only exists because of the mechanics (karigars) and owners who have been taking care of them for over decades. Their effort is not just limited to maintenance as they also customize new parts and fix old ones to revive these timeless cars in order to retain their beauty. It surely requires real perseverance to take care of something as precious as this collection of classic cars.

After minutes of contemplation, I realized how often we get fascinated by the beauty of things but fail to acknowledge the effort that’s gone into creating and maintaining it.  It’s in these moments of observation that we feel lucky to have understood the value of art and the artist. Being an artist truly feels like a blessing and I am glad I could witness the motoring festivity, interact with the community, and create art out of it.

I’m always open to new projects, interesting proposals, and collaborations, so if you have something in mind that you’d like to discuss, why not get in touch!