“There is beauty everywhere and within everyone”
House of Singh

Artist. Photographer. Model. Stylist. Maninder Singh is a multidisciplinary designer working in New Delhi. He uses the emblem “House of Singh” to showcase his line of work & collection. He believes that as an artist you can’t restrict your imagination & mediums to showcase your projects, ideas, products, etc. That’s why through the infinite power of design, photography & fashion, he’s on a mission to not only capture that unique beauty but to celebrate it.

When Singh is not designing or clicking photos, you can find him listening to some good lo-fi, Raaga instrumentals & Sufi music with his plants in the bamboo pergola that he has made at his house. He’s learning Dilruba (a North Indian string instrument made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji) these days. Singh also helps grow companies and brands during various stages of venture creation from ideation, discovery, prototyping, design, to implementation.


I am always open to new projects, interesting proposals, and collaborations, so if you have something in mind that you’d like to discuss, why not get in touch! Be sure to follow House of Singh on Instagram for continuous updates.